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Unable to Log into Mobile Application

Issue Number: 3143314

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 11/9/2023

11/09/2023 2:36 PM PST: Our dev team has discovered the cause of the issue and are working on deploying the fix When users are trying to log into their mobile app they first get a message saying "Login Unsucessful". This also happens when trying to log in with FaceID. Then when they try to go back in and log in through email they are getting an error stating, "Oops, Looks like your offline. Please connect to the internet and try again".

Product Line: Keap

Pro/Max: Unable to Create or Edit a Group with Tag Filters

Issue Number: 3144101

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 11/13/2023

11/13/23 3:10 PM MST: Our team has identified the cause of the issue and is working on a fix. There should be an update within the next few hours. Nothing will happen when a user presses the button to save a group when editing or creating a group using tag filters. The screen stays the same; if the user refreshes the page, the group has not been created. If the use other filters, such as custom fields or contact fields the group will save.

Product Line: Keap

Checkout forms are failing when the product price contains cents and tax is applied


Issue Number: 3152812

Issue Status: Done

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 11/22/2023

November 22nd 2023 5:25 PM MST This issue has been resolved. November 22nd 2023 5:00 PM MST Our development team has created and verified a fix for this issue. We're working to get this fix to all customer applications before the end of the day. November 22nd 2023 12:30 PM MST We've uncovered an issue with checkout forms when a taxable product contains cents. For example, using a product with a price of $18.10 and a tax rate of 1%. When a product with similar configurations is used on a checkout page, the payment and form are not working correctly. The symptoms are different depending on your merchant. If you're using Authorize.NET or WePay, the form will fail to submit and the purchaser will see an error banner at the bottom of the page which reads "Payment cannot be greater than the remaining balance". If you're using Stripe, then the form submits and the payment looks successful to the purchaser. Additionally, the payment does charge successfully in Stripe, but the invoice in Keap says unpaid.

Product Line: Keap

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