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Custom Domains do not unlink correctly from existing legacy landing pages when the unlinking process is done from a newly created legacy landing page

Campaign Builder

Issue Number: 2719144

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 5/26/2022

We have been made aware that the process of unlinking a custom domain from a legacy landing page is not working in a specific situation. If a user has a legacy landing page linked to a custom domain and they create a new legacy landing page and want to use that same custom domain on the new one, when the prompt to unlink the custom domain from the original page is followed while editing the new legacy landing page it looks like it successfully unlinks the custom domain from the original legacy landing page (the custom domain information is removed from the original) but it does not actually unlink it, resulting in the custom domain showing the old page even when it is set up on the new one.

Alternative Solution:
The work around for this looks to be going into the original legacy landing page and unlinking the custom domain there first, then trying to link it to the new legacy landing page normally. If you unlink it from within the original page it will unlink and then it can be used on the new page. This issue only seems to occur if you follow the unlinking prompt that shows up in the new page when trying to add the custom domain if you did not go into the original page and unlink it there first.

Product Line: Keap & Max Classic

QuickBooks Online is not syncing and unable to connect to QuickBooks Online after a disconnect


Issue Number: 2772677

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 8/5/2022

07/15/2022 3:00 PM MST We have received reports QuickBooks Online Sync not syncing, and users being unable to connect to QuickBooks Online after a disconnect. We are investigating

Product Line: Keap

New Landing Page Forms are not redirecting after submission or triggering automation if the contact already exists in app


Issue Number: 2784536

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 8/6/2022

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022 12:45PM Phoenix, Arizona This issue has now been resolved. We have received some reports of forms on new landing pages not redirecting to the specified thank you page or triggering automation after submission when the contact submitting them already exists in the customers application. New contacts are being successfully created and automation is triggered for those new contacts from this forms. This issue only looks to affect contacts with existing records in app. We are currently investigating this.

Alternative Solution:
There does not appear to be a current work around for this with the new landing pages. Customers can use the landing pages inside of Advanced Automations if they wish to do so instead of using the new landing pages if this is impacting them.

Product Line: Keap

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