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Pro/Max: Selecting a company does not display the linked contacts our company details


Issue Number: 2892337

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 12/20/2022

11/29/2022 1:40 PM MST We have identified the cause to be related to browser cache that is using outdated information, after updates were deployed to the application between 11/09/2022-11/10/2022. The simplest way to resolve this will be to clear your browsers cache, and choose a new option to sort your contacts. We are investigating whether or not we are going to be able to identify when outdated information is being used, and ignore it. This should prevent outdated information in your browsers cache from causing this behavior in the future. 11/29/2022 11:16 AM MST Some users are not seeing linked contacts or company details when selecting a company. We are investigating.

Alternative Solution:
Clearing browser cache for all time, and selecting a new sort order option will be needed to resolve the issue

Product Line: Keap

Action sets and create order processes in campaigns are failing to create orders

Campaign Builder

Issue Number: 2922532

Issue Status: In Progress

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 1/5/2023

January 6th 2023 7:10 PM MST On 1/5/23 we identified an issue that caused a small subset of Max Classic customers orders that were supposed to be automatically placed to not be created. This issue lasted roughly 4 days and has been resolved from any future issues. We do know the small group of customers that were affected and know the orders in which were not placed. We are going to be reaching out to those customers directly with an operational solution. If you believe you have been affected you may reach out to support directly for us to check, however we will be sending out the solution walk through no later than end of business 1/10/23. If you do not receive this message by then most likely your application was not affected. January 5th 202310:00 PM MST We have determined the root cause of this issue, and it was found that it began on January 1st, 2023. At this time our development team has taken action to resolve the issue. The error is no longer occurring and these features are currently working normally again. We are working to identify the full scope of impact to applications for the time period where this error was experienced. We will provide an update when more details regarding this are available. January 5th 2023 3:45 PM MST Our developers are still investigating the cause of this issue, but determined this only impacts contacts with credit cards which were created in 2023. January 5th 2023 2:00 PM MST We have received several reports of action sets and create order process in campaign builder failing to create orders and showing one of the below error messages under the campaigns tab inside the contact record. Error invoking getter: ResultSet.getBytes(CreditCard.CardNumber) No decrypter found

Product Line: Keap & Max Classic

The Marketing->Landing Pages page is displaying an error when trying to load the list of landing pages

Issue Number: 2938608

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 1/27/2023

Update 11:02 AM MST 1/24/23 The team has resolved the issue of the list not loading. Unfortunately at this time the stats for the landing pages are not currently displaying. The data is not being lost, and once the issue pulling those stats is resolved correct numbers will be shown. We will be creating a new entry on the Known Issues page for this. Update 9:02 AM MST 1/24/23 Our team has identified the cause of the issue and are working to resolve it at this time. More updates to follow when additional information is available. We have received reports that when trying to load the list of landing pages in the Marketing -> Landing Pages page of the app, the list is not loading an an error is being displayed which reads "There was a problem loading your landing pages". We are currently investigating this. At this time, it does appear the landing pages themselves are still accessible via their direct URL and still functioning correctly, this looks to just be an issue with the page displaying the list of landing pages.

Alternative Solution:
There is currently no work around for getting the page to display the list of landing pages.

Product Line: Keap

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