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Some applications experienced several minute delays on Feb 23rd


Issue Number: 2966274

Issue Status: Done

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 4/6/2023

February 23rd 2:55 PM MST This issue had been resolved. February 23rd 11:22 AM MST Our development team was able to quickly address this issue and resolve the majority of the application experiencing slowness. We're continuing to monitor and investigate the underlying cause. February 23rd 9:48 AM MST During the morning of Feb 23rd our phone and chat support received reports of users seeing slowness while working inside their applications. For example, accessing your dashboard or searching contacts would have taken minutes instead of seconds. This slowness stopped at about 10:00 AM MST but our developers are still investigating what caused it.

Alternative Solution:
If you're still seeing slowness please contact our live support team instead of reporting the issue for your application on this page.

Product Line: Keap & Max Classic

Email sending is delayed


Issue Number: 2968539

Issue Status: Support Researching

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 2/25/2023

February 25th 3:51 PM The issue has been resolved. February 25th 2:25 PM MST Our development team has made some adjustments which helped resolve the delays for some applications but are still investigating others. February 25th 1:55 PM MST Our development team is continuing to investigate. February 25th 1:00 PM MST We have received multiple reports that emails are not sending and we're looking into the cause. We'll post more updates as soon as possible.

Product Line: Keap & Max Classic

SOME APPS: The tasks page in some Pro/Max applications is not displaying any tasks

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Issue Number: 2967096

Issue Status: Deployed

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 3/17/2023

03/17/2023 7:19 AM MST We are currently testing a fix for this issue 03/09/2023 8:54 AM MST We have identified the cause and are working on a solution 02/24/2023 8:58 AM MST We have received reports of tasks not being displayed when navigating to My Day > Tasks in some Pro/Max applications. We are investigating.

Alternative Solution:
Tasks can still be viewed directly on the contact record, or in the tasks widget on the dashboard

Product Line: Keap

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